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Friday April 18, 2014

ANGEL: Connor. His name is Connor.
DOCTOR: Connor. Thank you. Mr… Angel. And congratulations.
ANGEL: Thanks.
ANGEL: Mr. Angel?
FRED: Your first name is Geraldo.
CORDELIA: We had to tell them something.
FRED: Geraldo Angel. You’re a pet psychiatrist with a small practice in Pacoima. Oh, and you fight crime- We just told them the name part. The rest is me, having fun.


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In this week's "Say What?" the proverbs that we're examining are about how sharing something can be both bad and good, and the examples I'm using will be from NCIS.

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Thursday, April 17

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From (who else?) ursulav, trying to get directions to a falcon's nest:

BOB: It's an overpass. You'd go under it, right? Except you don't. Don't go under it. There's a frontage road, right? You know how they love their frontage roads here in Texas. Go on for miles. Every on ramp is like a mile long. They love 'em.
URSULA: We've noticed.
BOB: But not this one. It's short. Up to the bridge. Which doesn't go anywhere.
TINA: Does it just...end...?
BOB: Sorta. Anyway, you take the frontage road and then you turn left and go over the bridge that doesn't go anywhere--
URSULA: *has horrifying visions of the rental car hurtling off a cliff with Tina yelling "DO YOU SEE A FALCON!?" as we plummet to our deaths*

Context is into hardcore bird-watching.

Tuesday, April 15 - Wednesday, April 16

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Wynn: The Wallace Inquisition

Wynn: The Wallace Inquisition
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Veronica's not the only one with detective skills. Wallace knows when something's up, and he knows the right questions to ask. Although, he might wish his detective skills weren't so great after all when he gets the answers. Lovely, lovely banter, and some of the best Wallace ever.
Length: short
Rating: G
Pairing: (early) Veronica/Logan

Xander/Buffy fic recs

Hi like the title says i am looking for some good xander/buffy no one-shots please for some reason every time I try to look for them I just get slash with xander from buffy the vampire slayer or him have sex with all of the girls its very frustrating I just want stories where him and buffy get into a legit relationship

Also has anyone seen this story it was when glory was there and its comes out that the monks made Dawn by making her Buffy's and Xander's biological daughter it was on i think 
boyfriendincoma: Snark Never Goes Out Of Fashion
Fandom: Veronica Mars
An AU take on on "An Echolls Family Christmas" wherein the poker game never gets interrupted. Before long, Logan and Veronica are the last two standing, and the game drags on into a weekend long grudge match of snark and toplessness and flirting and sniping and ice cream. This story has some excellent banter and could only be improved by being longer.
Length: short
Rating: PG
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
What's the difference between social, socialize, society, and societal?

With examples from Stargate SG-1

Even though these words share a similar meaning, "pertaining to society," they are still different in the way they are used. Read more...Collapse )

Monday, April 14 2014

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Saturday 12th April - Sunday 13th April

Angelus: You know, I can stop the pain. You've been very brave... but it's over. You've given enough. Now let me make it stop.
GILES: Please!
Angelus: Just tell me what I need to know.
GILES: In order... to be worthy...
Angelus: Yeah?
GILES: You must perform the ritual... in a tutu. Pillock!
Angelus: All right. Someone get the chainsaw.
SPIKE: (in wheel-chair) Now, now, don't let's lose our temper.
Angelus: Keep out of it, sit 'n' spin.
SPIKE: Look, you cut him up, you'll never get your answers.
Angelus: Since when did *you* become so levelheaded?
SPIKE: Right about the time you became so pig-headed. You have your way with him, you'll never get to destroy the world. And I don't fancy spending the next month trying to get librarian out of the carpet. There are other ways.

~~Becoming (Part 2) ~~

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First, you clearly have no idea how sleep deprivation works, since your protagonist is quickly approaching the world record for most consecutive hours without sleep at the start of the game, and not only is she completely lucid, this is treated as minor bothersome thing that her teacher finds a little concerning, but lets her brush off.

Secondly, your bully apologism is showing, and it makes me see red every time. If your dialogue makes me flip the bird at the game window three or more times because it's either that or break the monitor, you are doing something wrong.

Third, your maps, especially the town area, are far, FAR too big for how sparse actual content is, how slowly your protagonist is able to navigate it, and how little direction the player is given.

Fourth, your puzzles are way unintuitive. This was a problem in Mermaid Swamp (another game by the same writer/developer), too, but it's way worse in The Sandman. For example,
I'm apparently supposed to realise that the funny-coloured log is special and I need to examine the end with a hole in it, while almost all the other weird things in this area I can get a message from trying to interact with 1) don't care what angle I examine them from and 2) are completely useless. I'm also supposed to figure out which invisible wall identical to all the other invisible walls in a certain room is the one I'm supposed to examine and use a stick to break, even though I'm given neither indication that I need to break a wall in that room or that I'm supposed to use the stick to break something, as opposed to any number of more conventional uses for a stick in a puzzle game.

And all this adds up to me ragequitting probably 3/4 of the way through the game and ranting about it on LJ the next morning.


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