February 20th, 2009



Here's a birthday fic for the fabulous dreamincolor.

This is set slightly pre-Checkpoint, from season 5.
It's also heading towards an R-rating more than anything else I've ever done. *is nervous about this*

(Well, hon, you asked for something femslashy...)

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A few thoughts of the random variety.

1) It's really nice to look through old jewellery, discover something you'd completely forgotten about, and realise that it just happens to go perfectly with all your outfits...

2) I filled in an internet survey today that, among other things, asked about people's political views. ("Are you a: Conservative, b: Liberal, c: Socialist, d: Anarchist, etc...")
Annoyingly, the first letter of the answers were all capitalised (as demonstrated above), so I almost got very confused.
In Australia, you see, there is an enormous difference between a liberal and a Liberal. Politically, they're polar opposites.

3) There is no way Tara would beat Gwen Raiden in a showdown, no matter what blogging comic book geeks might think.

4) You really do feel quite ridiculous having a two-year-old run up to you in a crowded restaurant and announce "I did a WEE!" at the top of his lungs, and having to respond with delighted enthusiasm while ignoring all the odd looks from other customers.

5) Frasier really is an enormously fun show.