April 11th, 2010


New Concepts

Yesterday Caleb discovered my walking stick and asked what it was.

So I explained how it worked, and demonstrated by holding it and hobbling along slowly going "Oh, my poor leg," in a very theatrical way.

Of course, Caleb promptly had to try the same thing. Not really caring that the walking stick was taller than he is:

(This included the "Oh, my poor leg" whimpers, by the way.)

You know...

My favourite tv/books/etc include:
- massive curry monsters
- dragons with explosive digestion
- an episode in with everyone turns into Looney Tunes cartoons
- England being ruled by mermaids
- a song about the wonder that is SUITS
- Lois and Clark getting married by an angel and then going back in time to break a soulmates-consummation-curse
- Groundhog Day
- people being brought back to life by a piemaker
- people being welcomed into their death by grim reapers who hang out at a waffle restaurant
- The Muppet Show
- a fashion consultant turned bounty hunter
- a planet filled with nothing but Arnold Rimmer, over and over again
- Death's grand-daughter fighting evil with half of Time's son and a formerly-evil chick who suicides in a vat of chocolate
- fanfic all-Penguin AUs

And this? Twangel destiny-sex that destroys the world?

This is too cracky for me.

Here endeth the lesson.