April 14th, 2010


Quick! Must catch the train!

You know how in softball/baseball/game-with-bases-off-your-choice, people sometimes slide into base and end up lying full-length on the ground because they're trying to get to the base so fast?

This morning I saw someone do this through the about-to-close doors of my train.

In other news, the floor below mine at work has a huge inflatable Dalek. I want to smuggle it up here somehow...

Strategic Unpleasantness

My job would be an excellent outlet for grumpy people.

"Be unpleasant to people" is practically part of my job description. Really, they could get ideal employees by advertising "Must Have A Horrible Personality".

Why? Because I have no power.

The larger part of my job involves getting people who work for another company to do things for the Minister's Office - things they are actually supposed to be doing anyway. The only problem is, I can't actually do anything to them if they won't do what I ask them to.

So I basically have two options.
1) Bluff, and pretend I can do something nasty to them.
2) Be horrible until they give in.

I spent most of today repeatedly ringing someone's office number, and also repeatedly ringing his mobile number, and sending him increasingly nasty emails, in the vain hope that he'll decide it's not worth dodging my horribleness any longer, and actually do his job.


This is not the sort of thing that leaves me in a nice and happy mood for the rest of my day...