April 19th, 2010


Dear Co-worker,

1) Yes, I did just have a flu vaccine. No, that doesn't mean that I'm a sucker who's been taken in by a scam to get me to pay for something that doesn't work. (It's a FREE vaccine. I didn't pay at ALL.) Also, the fact that I am now drowsy is a temporary side-effect, and NOT evidence that the only thing the flu vaccine does is make you sicker.

2) No, my parents are NOT subsidising my rent. Yes, I do want to go to England, and can't afford it. This is not a good reason to laugh at me and tell me I should be able to save more money. Nor is it a reason to tell me my parents suck and I need new ones when I inform you that, in fact, I'm paying full rent.

3) So you've had an article published in a magazine. Congratulations! Why do you keep telling me this as proof that you are superior to all us lesser mortals who have not been published? Also - the fact that I have had a book review published doesn't mean that I was "cribbing off someone else's work" by discussing a book I hadn't written. Nor is your publication proof that you know more about writing than I do - STOP TELLING ME THAT IT IS.

(Yes, this all happened today.)