June 28th, 2010


In summary...

Friday: Got to see a slightly sick Caleb, and play board games in front of a fire until it was far too late to be awake.

Saturday: Made apple muffins. Shared apple muffins with family - including Alex, who steadfastly insisted that he didn't want one, until he suddenly realised we liked them so much that we'd eaten them all. Then he demanded that I make more.

Saturday evening: Went to a housewarming, mostly consisting of people I didn't know. Had just settled down in front of the bonfire when it started raining... *sighs* Still, got enough firey goodness to be going on with.

(Really, I should just move into a house with a fireplace and light a fire every night. They're so nice.)

Sunday: Went to church - twice. Got to hear the same sermon twice (but once as a "here is an illustration for married-people-with-kids to relate to" and once as "here is a similar illustration for unmarried-people-in-uni to relate to"). Got food after both services. (Very yummy.) Also walked around the neighbourhood - which was nice, and scenic, but also freezing.

So... good. Busy, but good. :)