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I've discovered that I own really cool bath-toys.

Yesterday, I was fairly convinced that I didn't own any. Especially since I've never actually bought any. But the boys requested bath-toys, so I went in search - and realised that the plastic building squares (that slot into each other to build interesting towers) are actually hollow, and would therefore float around the bath.

So I presented them with a bunch of building squares.

(I say "squares" because they are actually square rather than circular - but they're not solid square shapes. They sort of look like donuts. If donuts had corners.)

Anyway, I expected the boys to float them in the bath, and possibly wave them around a bit. Alex, on the other hand, is way more inventive than me, and instantly started building interestingly-shaped towers and then floating them around.

They work really well! other news, Caleb and Alex are spending the night at my house. We are having a fabulous time, and have made an incredible mess.

Currently, I'm listening to them pretending to be asleep but actually talking in whispers in the belief that I can't hear. I'm giving them two minutes, and then I'm getting stern.
*practices stern face*
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