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Superhearing, and other fun things.


It's that whole thing about how men wake up at the sounds of snapping twigs, and women wake up at the sound of a crying baby. I knew about it, theoretically speaking, but have never had the opportunity to see if it was true. Being the youngest in the family, I have never ever been in a situation where someone else called out for me in the middle of the night... until now.

At 11:30 last night, my eyes slammed open, and I was suddenly very awake - for absolutely no reason. I seriously went from Fast Asleep to Wide Awake And Ready For Action in under a second. My reaction (naturally) was to groan and think "WHY am I awake now? Must go back to sleep..."

Then, a minute or two later, I heard a teeny voice calling out from the next room, and realised that Alex wanted me for some reason. (Which turned out to be an urgent need for the toilet.)

...then I went back to sleep. For half an hour.

I didn't register what was happening until the third time I instantly woke up. Then I realised that it was my Superpowered Woman Hearing kicking in, and waking me up the moment either of the boys made so much as a sound.

It was really effective, too! No matter how asleep I was, as soon as they called me, I'd be wide awake, and able to do just about anything.

For the record: this happened five times last night. Yes, five. SWH might be awesome for getting me up and moving at a moment's notice - but not so good for actually getting sleep.

In other nephewage:

- Alex, who is older (and therefore slightly more competent) than Caleb, is currently finding things much trickier to do. This is because Caleb asks for help with chopping food up, and doing up zips, and pulling up pants, and so on - whereas Alex wants to be independent, but isn't quite there yet, so he's currently taking twice as long to do everything and gets very annoyed if you try to help.

- Shawn the Sheep is a wonderful tv show, that also promotes good dental hygiene! We watched an episode last night with the dog having a sore tooth - and the boys asked why he had a sore tooth, so I explained that that's what happens if your teeth get unhealthy, and we keep them clean so that we don't end up with sore teeth.

Alex took this very seriously, and made sure his teeth got an extra-long clean so they wouldn't get sore.

- Caleb's phone conversations tend to consist of Mummy Standing By And Telling Me What To Say, And Then I Say It.

Yesterday morning, I was on the phone to my sister and Caleb asked if he could ask me something. So she put him on the phone, and the conversation went roughly like this:
Caleb: [dead silence]
Caleb's Mummy (whispering): "Say hello to Auntie Deird."
Caleb: "Hello, Auntie Deird."
Me: "Hi, Caleb!"
Caleb: [dead silence]
Caleb's Mummy (whispering): "Say what you wanted to ask Auntie Deird."
Caleb: "What you wanted to ask Auntie Deird."
Caleb's Mummy (whispering): "No, Caleb..."
Me: *cracks up laughing and tries not to let Caleb hear*

- The boys were very impressed at the news that my piano can play tunes by itself (it's a keyboard). They asked how, and I explained that there was a computer inside.

Later, they went over and started playing it, and kept explaining to each other that there was "a computer inside". Over and over. In very important voices.


I'm now waiting until it's time for them to get up. Currently, they're both wide awake, but have been told very seriously that they have to stay in bed until it's light outside - so they keep shushing each other...

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