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An Intro To The World Of Mez

So, you’ve found my journal.

Unless you’re here by way of some cosmic accident that pulled you into my part of cyberspace at random, you’re probably hanging around for one of three reasons:
1) you like reading about my real life adventures
2) you like reading lots of geeky stuff, weird thoughts, and associated meta
3) you like reading my fanfic
I try to keep a decent balance between all three of these groups, so about one post in every three will be the stuff you’re after.

If you’ve reached this LJ through korner people or facebook, this is probably the one you’re wanting to read.
The ‘real life’ section of my LJ is composed mainly of random events concerning my work in the Australian railway industry, my fantastic nephews, or my cat. I’m happy for anyone (RL friends or not) to comment on any of these, by the way, so don’t be shy.

As you will quickly discover, I am a huge fan of geeky books, television, movies, and occasionally comic books. In particular: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Farscape, House, Spiderman, and Doctor Who. (and the list keeps on going – and going – but I don’t want to be typing this all day…)
I’m also a chess player, a writer, a piano accordion player, and the owner of a coin collection. Yep. I’m a geek.

Anything of this variety will be under my ‘geekery’ or ‘book geekery’ tag, and occasionally under the ‘meta’ tag as well.
(ETA: I now have a number of fandom-specific tags, for Buffy and Angel, Farscape, Doctor Who, Lois & Clark, Dollhouse, and Stargate.)

I write a fair bit of fanfic, so far set entirely in the Buffyverse.

My fic is almost always gen, with very occasional forays into het or femslash. I love playing with alternate realities, making spells go wrong, and killing OCs off in unexpected ways. I also tend to be canon-compliant.

My complete list of fic can be found here, or under the ‘fic’ tag. (And, by the way, if you see an entry using my default icon (yellow smiley person), it’ll be something to do with fanfic.)

I’m happy to be recced by anyone, any time. But please don’t post my fic anywhere else unless you’ve asked me first.

Friending Policy
Feel free to friend me any time you like. I’ll come over to your LJ and check you out, but I probably won’t friend you back unless I really want to read everything you post. I’ll probably still check your LJ from time to time, though.

All comments in here have IP address logged, and anonymous comments are screened. This is due to some rather unpleasant stalking issues. Unless an anonymous comment gives no indication of who someone is or how they found me, I’ll unscreen it pretty quickly.

Other Stuff
I don’t post memes. Really. If you want to get me posting your super-cool meme, you’re going to have to be really convincing.

I try to respond to most comments I receive. If I haven’t responded to yours, it’s not because I think you’re annoying and stupid. It might be because I’m very disorganised, and forgot that I hadn’t answered you already.

Please bear in mind that my mother reads this LJ. I don’t tend to self-censor, but I’m not going to post anything that would get me excluded from the next five years of family gatherings.

If you’re going to comment on someone else’s comment in my LJ, please be respectful. Nasty or spiteful comments to another commenter could get you banned.

Thanks for reading!

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