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List Of Mez's Drabbles

I’ve got quite a lot of drabbles now, so I thought I’d put them into a slightly more organised list.

Here it is, for anyone who’s interested.


Effort - Joyce, pre-series
Certain Sacrifices - Cordelia, BtVS 2
Secret Identity - Anne Steele
New Day - Faith, AtS 1
Random Acts Of Kindness - Faith, AtS 1
The Talk - Anne Steele
Begin Again - the Fang Gang, AtS 2
Try Not To Get Anybody Killed… - Wesley, There's No Place Like Pltz Glrb
Replacement - Tara, BtVS 6
Forget Me Not - Darla, Lullaby

The Deep, the Dark, and the Bittersweet
Babysit - Robin Wood, pre-series
Change of Plans - Doyle, pre-series
Sticks and Stones - Willow, pre-series
Memorial - Xander, season 1
In Costume - Amy Madison, Halloween
Responsible Party - Buffy, Ted
No More Denial - Joyce, between BtVS 2 & 3
Marked - Buffy, Graduation Day
Cavemen Have Fire - Fred, pre-series
Keep Him Here - Buffy, Into The Woods
The Blue (Joyce liked it so) - Willow, late season 5
Building - Buffy
(Before They're Hatched) - Kennedy, early season 6
Someone I Met On My Summer Vacation - Buffy & Tara, early BtVS 6
Remember - Buffy, Tabula Rasa
Haircut - Buffy, Gone
Ruination - Two To Go
Waiting - Angel, between AtS 3 & 4
Connected - Willow, Lessons
So Much Potential - a Potential, BtVS 7
Best Laid Plans - Anya & Xander, post-series
Clear Enough Signal? - Wes/Fred, Smile Time
Dead British Men For All - Faith, post-series

Best Intentions
Inspiration - Maggie Walsh, before BtVS 4
Giving Birth - Drusilla, The Trial
The End - Willow, between BtVS 5 & 6
Force Is Okay - Willow, Tabula Rasa
Utah Bride - Justine, Sleep Tight
That Was Helpful - Cordelia, BtVS 6
Big Break - Lorne, between AtS 3 & 4

Citizens of Sunnydale
Do I Like Shrubs? - career week, What’s My Line
Funds - school student
Stretching The Truth - policemen, Two To Go
Concert - orchestra

Alternate Realities
Alternate Realities Are Neat - Anya, pre-series
Turning Ten - the Dawnverse
Brave New World - the Wishverse
Making Up For It - Joyce (Dawnverse)
Not Really Here - the Dawnverse
New Mother - Angel/Darla
Mixed Up - Connor
I'm dreaming of… - Dawn

Stole My Barbie - Willow & Xander, pre-series
Holiday Season - the Scooby Gang, BtVS 2
Discovery - Joyce, BtVS 3
Hangover - Giles, Joyce, Snyder, and Ethan, BtVS 3
Pet Store - Willow/Tara, BtVS 4
Waking Up - Willow/Tara, BtVS 4
Misquoted - the Fang Gang, AtS 1
Keeping Score - Angel, AtS 2
Festivities - Dennis, AtS 2
Anti-hero Worship - Lydia, BtVS 5
An evil name should be like Lex, or Voldemort, or… - the Trio, BtVS 6
Perfection - Andrew, BtVS 6
Stuck In Place - Anya, Villains
Can I Say “Dawg”? - Fred, between AtS 3 & 4
Ciao - Buffy and Dawn, post-series
Teacher - Willow, post-series
X4: Apocalypse - Andrew, post-series

Double Drabbles

The Next Morning - a citizen of Sunnydale, BtVS 1
Beginnings - Dawn & Andrew, BtVS 7
All My Worldly Goods - Dawn & Andrew, BtVS 7
The Plan - Gwen Raiden, post-series
Who's Got The Power? - Dawn, post-series
Deck The Halls - Buffy/Spike, post-series

Multi-Drabble Fics

Battle Tactics - 2 drabbles
Riley is a man. A man’s man.

On The Wrong Side - 3 drabbles
Every time, he cursed himself for giving in, and actually being… noble.

Been Here Before - 3 drabbles
The first time Dawn saw the world almost end…

We All Have Our Secrets - 3 drabbles
“That camera's well hidden, right?”

They Come To Haunt Me - 3 drabbles
The towns all blend together after a while.

Five of Willow’s Pets - 5 drabbles
Willow is very conscientious about pet care.

A Fairytale In Five Drabbles - 5 drabbles
Once upon a time, there was a girl who killed the killers…

Five People Who Oz Wasn’t - 5 drabbles
“You work for an insane ensouled vampire with visions. Comparatively speaking, you're pretty mundane.”

Becoming A Man In Five Easy Steps - 5 drabbles
Somewhere along the line, he'd lost the stick up his ass, and gotten sexy.

Mad, Dog, and Englishman - 5 drabbles
The English guy’s already down one arm – and still seems to think he’s the best of the lot of them.

Sunny, Exciting, Hellmouth Views… Wish You Were Here - 5 drabbles
Steph finds out that she’s special the day she’s almost stabbed to death on the way home from school.

Succession - 5 drabbles
The first time Buffy kissed Spike – really kissed him…

Infestation - 10 drabbles
“Hi! My name is Clarabella Midnight Ravenswood Trixie-Clearwater Saffron Emerald Bellinger the third…”

Dial N For Nancy-Boy - 28 drabbles
Angel kept answering the phone, and for the life of him couldn’t figure out why.
*now with commentary*

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